Public Lecture

Area Olah Karya collaborated with The Fine Arts Study Program – Maranatha Christian University, Bandung in  organizing a series of activities in an online format related to art and public spaces, in the form of: Public lectures, workshops and virtual exhibitions.

Adaptasi – online group exhibition

The word “normal” is often discussed in this pandemic period to complement the new term describing conditions in life in the future in the term “new-normal” or in free translations to “new normal”. The use of this term needs to be discussed in terms of location, time and history. Referring to the description of the word “normal” in the KBBI (Bahasa Indonesia Official Dictionary), we can ask together, Did we live in a normal period before this pandemic?

By utilizing the Instagram account @areaolahkarya as a showroom for this exhibition intends to present art projects undertaken by students in responding to problems in the city of Bandung with society and its specific spaces.

Seni Rupa Palugada

The pandemic and uncertain world situation lately have affected our profession as art practitioners. This condition has silently raised concerns about the life we ​​live for today, tomorrow and in the future.

In responding to the current situation, some fine arts practitioners are encouraged to initiate new businesses or continue their side businesses, for the sake of their survival and work. The creativity of art practitioners now comes not only in the form of works of art, but in the form of food, products or services that we can support and appreciate each other.

As an art community, we feel the need to support the emergence of these creative ideas. We open opportunities for art practitioners who have started or are just starting a business, to take advantage of one of the most popular social media platforms: Instagram.  We gave our instagram account as a platform for marketing their products for free. This idea is expected to support the wheels of our nation’s economy in general and the economy of Indonesian art practitioners.

We also invite fellow art practitioners to support each other and share their respective products using hashtag #senirupaPALUGADA on instagram. We believe that no matter how small our concern for others, the impact will be great if we do it together.

Patungan Patung Vol.2

For the second time, Area Olah Karya held a joint exhibition of sculptures; an activity that encourages artists/designers to personally imagine monuments or city markers. Slightly different from the previous edition, this activity uses the theme “a response to the city space” which is expected to bring a more mixed impression to the participants and to hold it in place.

Through open call as well as invitations, this activity presents the visual idea of ​​city monuments, public facilities and mass transportation in the city of Bandung. There were 16 participants in the activity consisting of students, professional designers. They present their  process of imaginations through sketches or digital designs for their chosen location.

Patungan Patung Vol. 2 took place at the Merak Gallery. A new exhibition or presentation room managed by the Arkarsa Foundation. Located in the Kozi Coffee area, the space is expected to add a row of spaces that will facilitate creative activities, especially in the city of Bandung. To support the activity, the Patungan Statue Volume 2 will hold activities in the form of discussion and lecture performance.

Galeri Merak

Kozi Coffee – C- 59 (Jl. Merak No.2 Bandung, West Java)

Sub-activity of Patungan Patung Vol.2

Presentation of Public Spaces Art Works / Projects : “Katel Gate” by Budi Adi Nugroho

Budi Adi Nugroho, who is currently undergoing his Doctoral of Fine Arts program, will share about the art projects he recently initiated and implemented. “Gapura Katel” is a project he is working on together with skillet craftsmen in the warung Muncang area (Holis, Bandung). Interestingly, the presentation of the collaboration with the craftsmen was exhibited in a hall at the Warung Muncang sub-district and received mixed responses, especially the local residents.

Sub-activity of Patungan Patung Vol. 2

VASA x AOK presents:

Lecture performance: The Art to Know and Deliver

Based on the need for art to be close to the community, “The Art to Know and Deliver” is an educational effort that is packaged with performance and presents ideas about the presence of works of art in a public space that leads to the appreciation process.

Generating Art in Public Space

Generating Art in Public Space : A focus group discussion activity which focuses on the idea of public art and its development in Bandung, our city. This joint program was made possible by working with the Faculty of Art & Design – Institute Technology Bandung, and supported by Indonesian Ministry of Education & Cultures.

Patungan Patung Yuk

Patungan Patung Yuk is our open-call art program we curated. We selected eight participants (artists, designers, art community and researcher) to propose their idea of a monument or sculpture if they have the opportunity to build one in selected designated area in Bandung.

Sentuh Karya

Sentuh Karya, Therefore I Am (Touch the Artwork, Therefore I am): A parody from Barbara Kruger’s works – I Shop Therefore I am (1987). We applied this parody slogan on t-shirts as a response from art appreciation behaviour commonly occurring in Indonesia; where the audiences have a tendency to touch the artwork in gallery/museum as an act of self existence.

ParaSchool : Art class for high school

Paraschool is an art workshop held at SMU (Public High School) Negeri 5 Bandung in 2011. In this activity we work collaboratively with three artists and a curator to introduce artists as a profession to the students. Besides artists & curators talking with the students and teachers, in the last session of this workshop, we invited the students to work collaboratively with the artists to paint a painting from concepts into final execution on canvas and exhibited in their school.

Artists: Radi Arwinda, R.E Hartanto, Albert Yonathan Setiawan

Curator: Rifandy Priatna

Location : SMU Negeri 5 Bandung & Studio R.E Hartanto

SRGGA : Seni Rupa Gini Gini Aja

SRGGA Is an art project where we use T-shirts as a medium to shout our statement about t

he Indonesian art scene condition. “Gini-Gini Aja ” is a daily phrase Indonesian used for a mundane, not exciting, not moving, nothing new or stay in the same spot. We are interested in using a reconstruct daily phrase as a statement for the Indonesian art scene. This statement is contextually applied to art events like art fairs, Biennale and common art exhibition.

Sebelas Dua Belas Film Festival

Sebelas Dua Belas Film Festival is a cinematic-art event where we showcase and play indie-movie for young movie-maker from Bandung, Jakarta, Bogor and Surabaya. On this event we focused on a satire-comedy themed movie about urban life. In 2011, we collaboratively work with Lembaga Film Mahasiswa – Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB’s Students Movie Organization) to show a movie compilation from nine young directors titled “Belkibolang”